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Attn: Golfers

St Andrews Old Course

This is your annual St Andrews Old Course alert. Once a year the Links Trust, the administrator for the seven courses in St Andrews, takes applications within a two week window to play the Old Course in the following year, in this case 2020. That time begins next week on August 21st and ends September 4th. If you're thinking about finally closing the loop on your bucket list, this may be your best opportunity. There is no guarantee you will get a tee time as there will be a lottery of all applicants to determine slots.

I first played the Old Course in 1974. I was as much in awe of the course, its heritage, its mystique earlier this year when I played it as I was the first time 45 years ago. It's simply something you must do to have your avid golfer card punched.

If this is something you would like to follow up on, I am helping groups of four or more with their trips to Scotland. I owned a home in St Andrews for many years and know the ins and outs of a trip there. Feel free to message me for details.

And here's the link to submit your application.


One of the earliest photos of me on the Old. Note the persimmon driver (and the jeans!)


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