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And We're Off

2019 has already been one heckuva travel year for us. Just yesterday, I was counting how many days we will be away from home in 2019. I was aghast at the total of 73 days. That's a lot of time to be spending in someone else's bed.

Since the new year and not counting work travel, we have traveled to Miami Beach, Tel Aviv/Jerusalem/Bethlehem, and Edinburgh/St Andrews. In two weeks time, we travel to Northern Italy for 25 days to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. It's an epic trip to 8 towns and cities and along the way, 15 of our friends are meeting up with us for an apertivo or three. Personally, I am ready to go right now.

This summer we will be in the Hamptons on and off and in October, we will be in Portugal's Algarve for 8 days. This is what has been planned to date and I am sure, more travel will get added on before we bring 2019 to a close. How's that for an itinerary?

For those that have interest, I am resurrecting my blog for the 25 for 25 Tour. If you would like to follow along, please visit here as often as you'd like. It will be photo heavy for now with some running commentary.


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