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Destination: Title Town a.k.a Boston, MA

There are four cities that I know exceptionally well, Boston, Edinburgh, London and Rome but certainly none better than my hometown of Boston. That's why I thought it made sense to start by giving you my thoughts on Boston as a destination.

If you're anything like me, I always start researching a trip to a new destination around my stomach. I know that sounds a bit bizarre but I look at it this way: the one thing that I know I will do when I am away is eat and drink. The museums, the shopping, the attractions will all find a way into my schedule but I believe the best way to get to know a place is to settle in with the locals. The rest takes care of itself.

Whenever I write about a new destination, I will look at it as if you're going to spend 3 days there and I will attempt to answer the question: what are the perfect three days? I will give you some budget options and try to keep you within the city limits. Lets start where I always start: food.



There are a dozen plus hotels in Boston that offer complimentary breakfast. And truth be told, they are all good. But if you should need a change of scenery when you wake to greet the new day, consider these three options.

Two other options that we recommend are: Mike & Patty's in Bay Village and Blunch in the South End.



Bostonians usually eat lunch on the fly and many times they eat lunch at their desk - hardly, sporting of us. It's too bad actually since we have many terrific places for lunch. One thing you might want to point out when you sit down at the restaurant is that you're not in a hurry. Otherwise, they will have the food in front of you in 15 minutes. Not very civilized I'd say.



There are many superb choices for dinner in Boston and it's very difficult to narrow down your choices to 3 o 4. But I will tell you my 4 "go to" places where I know there is consistently good food, service and ambiance.

If you wanted to head to the Seaport District, Blue Dragon and Row 34 are both excellent. Quick tip: the Seaport is notoriously a difficult place to get home from. Taxis are sparse. You must have and use the UBER app.



Boston is a drinking town with a Red Sox problem. If you're interested in throwing back an adult beverage or two, Boston is your town. There are great waterholes in every neighborhood. Just don't mention the Yankees.

There are so many other worthy and fantastic spots in Boston. These are just some of my favorites and old reliables. Sometime soon, I will write a companion piece to this one about some of the great places to see in Boston and where you might want to shop.


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