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15th Century Cool

The first thing you notice about Locanda San Vigilio is its prominent position at the tip of a small peninsula. It's not so much that's it's on the lake as it is, in the lake. It's hard to imagine a more breathtaking location. Certainly that is a significant part of the hotel's charm but it is far more than that.

The hotel is not as well put together as say, J.K. Place in Capri, but you wouldn't expect that from a place that has been welcoming guests since the year 1500. Among the hotel's notable guests over the years: Napoleon, the tsar Alexander II, Winston Churchill, Prince Charles, King Juan Carlos of Bourbon, Lawrence Olivier and Vivien Leigh.

The Locanda's appeal? It's rustic with all of the amenities that you could possibly want: a taverna with outdoor seating around a small inner harbor, a world class restaurant, comfortable beds, free wi-fi, and super service. Don't expecting doting service because you are there to chill and the staff at San Vigilio doesn't want you to hurry. They want you to relax and enjoy. If you go to the 11-room hotel expecting a modern and completely updated hotel you will miss the plot. Enjoy a throwback in time and a most magnificent setting and you will love the place. I would say it's good for families but I think it's far better for couples and friends. Bravo Locanda San Vigilio.

A presto.


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