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Aye Wander Takes Flight

What the world needs now is....not another travel site. Geez - I know that and thought long and hard about starting yet another one. How could I differentiate it? What was I looking to get out of it? Did I want to monetize the site? Did I have the time? Even though all of these questions have been left unresolved, I plastered the site up anyway. The big question is: why?

I love traveling and most of the things that go with it. I like gaming the system for points and free upgrades. I love dining out at great restaurants. The restaurants don't have to be expensive but they have to be memorable whether it's for the food, the ambiance, or the service. Ideally, it's all three. I'm also a golfer and if I'm traveling, chances are my clubs are with me. I love staying at fantastic hotels. Also, I love to write. I'm not particularly sure that I am good at it but I know that my tone is friendly and conversational. People tend to like that. The idea for the site was: what if I put all of the things I love together in one place? Travel, restaurants, hotels, destinations, golf, maybe some music - would people read that? Well, I am about to find out!

One of the great things about traveling is when you share your experiences and I am hoping you will do that here. Good ideas or suggestions are always welcome. Hopefully, that will be the hallmark of You can email me at or leave something in the comment box.

For the moment, you will find four categories here: STAY, SAVOR, 411 and Tales from the Road.

STAY includes posts about hotels, destinations or guides to areas where we have been or are going to. SAVOR is all about food and drink, diversions (nightlife), and recipes. (Did I mention I love to cook too?) 411 is about tips I have picked up along the way for traveling that will make your life a lot easier. You can read a post where I talk about planning your dining options here. Lastly, I realized that some of my best stories have happened away from home and thus, "Tales from the Road"was born. While it's an old story, One Night in Scotland is one of my most enjoyable episodes from a golf buddy trip.

There's not a lot to read on Aye Wander today but if you follow along, I will write regularly. Maybe we will find common ground and have some fun together. All aboard.

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