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Il Grande Amore

The Isle of Capri in Italy has a well-earned reputation as a globetrotters' haven. This distinction was primarily acquired in the 1940s through the 1960s when travel was mostly enjoyed by the well-heeled. Today, celebrities still visit the island but they usually don't disembark their yachts until after the last group tour leaves the island at 6 PM. There's no doubt that Capri is a special place and perhaps even, a once in a lifetime visit but it is approachable if you plan properly. Today, more and more AirBnB apartments are for rent at very reasonable prices and every location is solid as the island is very small.

If you do choose to stay at a one of the island's hotels, we highly recommend the beautiful and stunning JK Place Capri. It is comfortably located above the Marina Grande and perfectly situated between Anacapri and Capri, the island's two mini epi-centers. We have stayed at a half-dozen hotels that I think about on a regular basis. Hotels that moved me and that I want to visit again. JK Place is one of those and the one that I think about most often. The view from nearly anywhere on the property is of the Bay of Naples, Vesuvius and the bustling Marina Grande. It's there for the taking whether you are in your elegant and relaxing hotel room, on the patio where you are having lunch, sun worshipping poolside or in the hotel drawing rooms. It is awe inspiring. The decor feels very much like a private home with antiques, fresh flowers and over flowing bookshelves. And because the hotel is only 22 rooms, it's not overwhelming in any way.

Besides the astonishing beauty of the hotel and its surroundings what truly makes JK Place memorable is the staff. From the moment you are picked up from the marina to the moment you leave you will be looked after by a special group of friendly, fun and attentive professionals. It's what sets this hotel apart and the common denominator of the six or so other hotels that I love. You will feel like you treated yourself and that's because you did.

If you're planning to be in Italy, find a way to be on Capri and a guest at JK Place. You will remember it for as long as you live. And that's saying something.


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