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Bloodies Anyone?

London is one of our very favorite cities to visit. In the 80's, I lived there for two years and had the time of my life. I knew the city inside and out. It was then that I discovered London's Grenadier Pub. That's not an easy feat in and of itself as it's well hidden among the Mews of the Belgravia section of London. You can spend hours looking for it. Once you do find it though, you will go back again and again.

Lore has it that the pub once was an officer's mess hall and during a game of cards, one of the Grenadiers was caught cheating. The shame. the shame. Well more than shame, this infraction warranted that the grenadier be beaten to death on the spot. September marks the the anniversary of this poor soldier's death and reportedly, the pub experiences a multitude of supernatural activities.

Don't visit for the spookiness, visit for the Bloody Mary. We have been going to this pub for over 30 years and we always return, yes - for the quaint ambiance but mostly for the Bloody. They don't taste like any you've had before and the recipe is a secret.

It's one of our favorite haunts! Boo! Visit next time you're in London.

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